We all love to explore and find secrets in games that we’ve played. It feels good to find hidden treasures and get that rush of adrenaline when you finally discover something new! The Stardew Valley has its share of secrets and the following guide will help you to find them and figure out what they mean.

Stardew Valley secret notes guide

There is a note you can find in Stardew Valley that will give you a detailed guide of all the secret notes. The following content will provide you with the location and text of those notes.

How to read secret notes stardew valley

There are three types of secret notes in Stardew Valley: The first type is the letter, which is just a document with text on it. The second type is the map, which is a drawing of the player’s farm with some markings on it. The third type is the symbol, which is a picture made up of lines and dots.

To read a secret note, you must first find it. Secret notes are usually hidden in places that are difficult to get to or hard to see. Once you have found a secret note, stand next to it and press the “E” key to examine it. This will bring up your inventory menu. Drag the secret note from your inventory to your “notes” in the menu. Press the shift key and press the left arrow on your keyboard to open up sort notes by newest first. This will let you read the latest note that you have found without having to go through all of them one by one.

Secret note #1 – Helping Penny

This is a letter. It is saying that Penny would have given up on her dreams had the author of the note not helped her. The author of the note says that he wants to help Penny achieve her dreams. He goes on to say that if anything were to happen to him, he wants his family to take care of Penny.

Secret note #2 – The Witch’s Hut

This is a map with markings on it. It is a drawing of the player’s farm with a Witch’s Hut drawn on it. The Witch’s Hut is located in the northeast corner of the map.

Secret note #3 – Quests

If you examine this map closely, you will find an X in the lower right hand corner. This denotes that it is a village, market place, or church. There are three squares to the right of the x. On the inside of each square there is an arrow pointing to another square on the map like so:

The first square points to a village below it, the second to a river northwest from it, and third to an area south from it. The X means quest related places are located in these areas: The village, the river and the area south from it.

Secret note #4 – Tree Spots

This is a symbol drawn with lines and dots. It looks like there are large spots drawn on trees in different areas of the map: one next to the beach, one east from Joja mart, and another west from Cindersnap forest. This means that you should look for a spot on a tree in these areas to find something hidden.

Secret Notes provide a helpful guide to finding secrets in Stardew Valley. These notes are typically hidden and can be found by examining areas where they’ve been left or using your map. The following content provides you with the location of all secret notes, as well as information about what these notes mean. If you find any other secret note locations that we haven’t listed, please let us know! Our team is always looking for new challenges to tackle and would love to hear from our readers if they happen upon something new!

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