Alloy Plate is an extremely rare resource. You need to complete daily quest that yield Alloy Plates in order to upgrade the dock once per day, which means less players are able gather Alloy Plates compared to other resources.

Where to Find Alloy Plate in Warframe

There are currently only two sources for Alloy Plate. They are from certain alerts, and from the Resource Caches on Eris (The Index). The alerts that award Alloy Plate usually have a higher chance of giving it when playing higher level missions. For example, Alerts on Jupiter, Saturn and Ceres have more chances of dropping Alloy Plate than Alerts on Mercury or Venus, but that also depends on the level of your equipment and if you have the correct faction standing to access these alerts. Finding it in Resource Caches is random and can’t really be guaranteed.

Another way to get it is by using Resource Boosters, which increase the chances of Resource Drop by 10%. There are several options for boosters, ranging from 50% to 200%, depending on the booster bought. Buying 3 Resource Boosters of each level costs 90 Platinum or 540 Platinum if you want all the resource boosters at once.

Warframe: Alloy Plate Resource Cache Locations Guide

Alloy Plate Caches are located in various places, including Alerts and Dark Sector missions. This guide will show you the locations of each Cache so that you can farm for Alloy Plate without much hassle.

Eris is an icy planet where Infestation thrives. To fight off this infestation, Corpus over all resource caches. There are two types of Resource Caches, one will reward you with normal resources like Oxium or Rubedo, while the other one has higher chance to give Alloy Plate.

Alloy Plate Cache Locations on Eris

This resource cache drops 1-2 Alloy Plates and 5 Neural Sensors, which isn’t very efficient considering the amount of Infested on Eris. To farm these, complete any Dark Sector on Eris and hope for the best.

There are only two places where this resource cache can spawn. It is either near Eluder on Fossa or in Jerome Junction inside a cave guarded by Corrupted Vor. The only way to access this Cache is through Archwing Mode or Slash Dash.

Alloy Plate Cache Locations on Ceres

There is only one Alloy Plate cache location on Ceres, and it’s inside a cave at Casta. You can access this cave by using Archwing Mode or Slash Dash. There are several tilesets in the game that have different percentage of spawning alloy plate caches. For example, you have higher chance to find it in Grineer tileset compared to Corpus tileset.

With Resource Boosters, you can increase the chance of resource drops by 10%, so it’s better keep them on at all times. You have higher chance of getting Alloy Plates with lower levels of boosters since they are percentage-based. This is why it’s important to get all of them at once.

Alloy Plate Cache Locations on Mercury

Mercury is the only planet where Alloy Plate is not used in crafting anything. There is no benefit of farming for it here, but there are several Orokin Derelict Caches that have chance of dropping Alloy Plates.

There are two ways to get these caches. The first way requires that you complete any Orokin Derelict Survival mission and hope for the best. The second way requires that you get the combination code from Grineer Caches on Mercury and go to a specific derelict location and complete a puzzle to get your reward.

Alloy Plate Cache Locations on Jupiter

Jupiter only has one Alloy Plate Cache and it can be found in a cave at Themisto. The tileset of the tile isn’t very good for farming, but you might get lucky and find one.

Alloy Plate Cache Locations on Saturn

Saturn is the best planet to farm Alloy Plates due to its abundant caches and good tileset. There are seven Alloy Plate Caches on Saturn and the best time to farm for them is during a T1 Survival or Interception mission since enemies can drop caches as well.


This guide should help you farm Alloy Plates without having to constantly repeat missions. Using Resource Boosters while farming is advised, since it increases the chances of rare drops like alloy plates. Alloy Plates are used in crafting other parts, but not much use beyond that. 

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